Sunday, September 25, 2011


I would be happier if only I was more confident. I realized the things that make me frustrated and unhappy were usually connected to my lack of confidence. It’s hard for me to volunteer myself even though I really want to. Though I’m not really moping about it or anything. I know those things aren’t really the essential ingredients for happiness. But I’m sure confidence could really boost a person’s self-fulfillment meter. I wish I was more confident because that would’ve made every single day of my life much more convenient.


  1. well... im not like the most confident person in the world, but i like to believe i am!! why? simply cuz this gives me the feeling like i am really the most confident person in the world, and at the same time when i believe in this "fake" feeling this make my mind believe it as its a real fact! so basically "fake it until you make it" ! after a while your mind will start to believe that u r really have high self confident and you will start to act like that!!

    doesnt make sense ?! this is how our mind work!! try it!

  2. well, let`s "do" the 7 steps and see :)
    Eventually it should/might lead to self-confidence :)

  3. حقاً الثقه هي السعاده
    اتمنى لك اياماً ملؤها السعاده
    تدوين لطيف .(؛

  4. W7l:

    I do it time to time but it seems that Im not committed but i'll keep go on till i make it .. Thank you..

    Haitham :
    did you start I already do these steps but the 7th is not done yet..


    Thank you & Very super nice name :)
    الامل مع الله و النعم بالله