Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding ring

Hey evry Body :)

Yesterday I was involved into an argumentation fight between two parties for the above mentioned subject "its not anew subject" but each time this door is opened I have the same  idea & the same point of view ....
A wedding ring is a symbol of Marriage it also reveals that you’re taken!! by the very nature of the case I believe in the difference between men & woman and that we are more fanciful we are ladies love the rings and bla bla bla. I remember my self during teenage adore to wear my cousin wedding ring and till now i liked to see it and sometime try it :p .. this trivial thing to many means alot to me and i believe that most of ladies feel the same towards that. . Ok I know There are many methods  to symbolize your love & marriage (generally). but this is the familiar, habitual, customary,  homely in our society and even in the whole world .
I’ve many  family members, and friends who do not wear their wedding band. I asked some why ?
here are some answers:
- RG . 42 Yrs , PHD.Chemistry answered with hidden fox smile : "I hate being labeled as married man ,, so any move i attend to do even innocently,  they think you’re looking to cheat" HUH What an answer..
- Mo. 30's Pharmacist : "I don't like to be publicly defined by my marital state. I want to be seen as people before they are seen as married"
which presumes that one cannot be both!!!!.
- SA 29 civil engineer : I’m not anti-jewelry,I just hate the look of a wedding ring.

& finally  My lovely Husband 29yrs  supervisor- with positivism  :  I don't think it’s the ring so much that matter as his attitude.. 

I Liked his sentence its true... Sometime men wear it as external appearance only .. But my concept is unshakable husband should wear it : for the case of :(observance of his wife,commitment, honoring, estimation.... every positive point to value the sacred relationship.... 

I respect man who wear his ring :))) ,, I feel that he feels content for his life, his choice, and gives you a hint that he is a happy married man.. Akeed its not a public case but this external appearance give me peace toward him..

& my mean advice :ch: to All those married women out there whose husbands aren’t wearing rings should be worried. It’s never an innocent choice...

Share me your opinions :))


  1. what about me??

    من أيام حملي بعموره إضطريت أكسر الخاتم لإنه إدي وجعتني
    إشتريت واحد,, بس ماحبيته
    ف مابلبسش كتير

    بحب الإكسسوارات أكتر
    حره أنا

    وبصراحه معنديش مقياس إنه ئديش إنت بتحب مرتك ف لازمن تلبس خاتمها
    مابعرف,, انا هيك عاد

  2. لا زوجي ولا انا بنلبس خواتمنا
    من سنه اولى زواج

  3. Both of my brothers like to wear their wedding rings of them forgot it when he went to his honeymoon and he bought a new one from there :) since that day he never forget ....and both of them get REALLY mad when one of their wives forget to wear it :)

  4. Man are clever creature .They always looking for new chances.Better keep an eye on them.

  5. I think it,s a traditional thing , started 50-60 years ago , I remember my grand mother ,she was not wearing this ring ,they use the jewelry gifts but this ring doesn't mean a big thing for them .
    Anyway , i like husbands and wives to wear it . It,s sweet remembrance for important event for them .

    Nice post